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We are pleased to announce we have been appointed the New Zealand agent for these world famous time proven (30 Years) folding boats.  

The Genesis IV Folding Porta-Botes

These boats are so durable that they are sold with a 10 year Warranty

Powering across the lake is effortless as the 10' boat planes quickly with a tiny 2 hp OUTBOARD

Porta-Bote folds into an incredibly compact, lightweight and These boats are so portableeasy-to-transport package, but unfolds to become a tough, stable, virtually unsinkable boat. Foam flotation along the inside of the hull just under the gunwales makes the boat virtually unsinkable. Simply unfold and install the seats and you're ready for the water.

Boat Description: Unique folding, portable boats fold to 4 inches (10 cm) flat. Ideal for the fishing, boating, sailing, hunting and camping enthusiast who lacks the space to store or transport ordinary boats.
This fast, portable boat for "Sportsmen" (and women!). Makes puncture prone inflatable obsolete! WHY? Did you know that seventy percent of all new Porta-Bote owners are former inflatable owners who have "had it" with the "hassle" of inflating and deflating? And what about those frequent inflatable punctures? Not to worry with Porta-Bote's virtually bullet-proof tough hull!

Construction: They are made of high-impact polypropylene, a remarkable engineered resin developed by the aerospace industry that is virtually puncture-proof and unaffected by salt or acid. No maintenance required. The color goes clear through so it never needs painting. All models meet U. S. Coast Guard specifications. All models come with three removable seats and a 10-year warranty.

Dropping a Porta Bote from heightSurvial after a 7 mt drop with full load

Durability: For the past 25 years, the Japanese Coast Guard has tested Porta-Bote's space age engineered resin hull and hinges. Every time a shipment enters their country. The now famous "drop test" is used! They load over 600+ pounds (273kg) of concrete filled bags into a folding Portabote. They raise the boat 21 feet (7m) Then it is dropped! Porta-Bote passes every time with "flying colors". They are certified by National Marine Manufacturers Assoc and the European Union Manufacturers Assoc.

Porta-Bote's Polypropylene hull is almost 1/4 inches thick... twice as thick as an aluminum hull. They make "bullet proof" vests, rust proof highway signs and automobile bumpers from this "stuff!   How puncture resistant can you get?

Stability this fish is 100lbs plus

Stability: Flexibility is the secret to its stability. When a wave slams against the side of Porta-Bote's Flexi-Hull®, the nearly 1/4"-thick polypropylene flexes inward, dissipating the energy. (see stability page)

Porta Bote on side of RVStored underneath

Portability: Since the Porta Botes folds to 4 inches (11cm) flat and a folded width of 24in. (59cm) and is  light in weight they can be carried on a car rack, mounted on the side of motorhome or caravan and on a cruising boat they can be stored any where.

Using a roof rack

Models Available: (see model page)
The 8-Foot Genesis IV(2.85) is only
49 lb (22.2kg) as is rated Max Seating Capacity of 3

The 10-foot(3.27) Genesis IV is lighter, yet at only 59 pounds (26.7kg), it handles as many as three people and motors up to 44 pounds (20kg). Folds to 4" x 24" x 132".
The 12-ft.(3.8m) Genesis IV folds to a compact 4" x 24" x 155" and weighs only 69 pounds(31.2kg) It handles up to four people and outboard motors up to 54 pounds. It's capable of speeds up to 20 mph with a 5-hp motor.

The 14-foot(4.28m) Genesis IV folds to 4" x 24" x 172", and weighs only 97 pounds (44kg). It has room for up to five people and motors up to 83 pounds.

Time Proven: With Porta-Bote you get performance and true portability. 50,000 owners worldwide can't be wrong!  Time Proven - Over 30 Years In Production 

What about Performance?: This is where Porta-Bote really excels over ordinary rigid craft and inflatable. Imagine being able to get up on a "plane" using a tiny 3.5hp outboard.Speed with a 3.5 HP You can when one person is in the boat and at the helm. Porta-Bote takes a standard "short shaft" engine. Do you know what kind of power it takes to get an equivalent sized aluminum or fiberglass boat up on a plane? You would have to invest in a high priced, exceedingly heavy engine that weighs as much as the hull!! And remember, you have to lift this cast iron monster over the transom to get it installed.

Disadvantages of an inflatable:
1- Takes between a half hour and an hour to inflate or deflate.
2- Punctures easily if you hit a sharp rocks. Why would you want one of these?
3- Inflated tubes uses up 30% to 40% of available interior space - unless they are punctured!
4- Porta-Bote needs only a small 4HP - 6HP outboard to go up to 20 mph with one person. Inflatables needs at least a 20 HP outboard weighing over 120 pounds for similar performance.
RV Owners can “hang” Porta-Bote on the side or roof. When your through using a wet, soggy inflatable, where are you going to store it?
Sailboat & Cruiser Owners can store the folded surfboard shaped Porta-Bote almost anywhere. Notice how many boat owners never deflate their clumsy inflatables ?
Porta-Bote tows like a dream behind a sailboat. Towing an inflatable is like pulling an anchor. Reduces speed up to 30%.

Over 70% of new Porta-Bote owners are former inflatable owners who have "had it" with all the hassle involved with an inflatable.

Watch a videos on the Portabote

For New Zealand inquiries only contact
(see below for other countries)

New Zealand Porta-Bote Distributors.


New Plymouth Kiwi Outdoors Centre
18 Ariki Street
New Plymouth
Ph/Fax (06) 75 84152

For inquiries outside of New Zealand Please contact
the Manufacturers Porta-Bote International
California U. S. A.

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